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Law Offices of William L. Geary, Co. LPA
Based in Columbus, Ohio, the Law Offices of William L. Geary is a family law firm dedicated to providing sound legal advice and effective representation to individuals, couples and families who are involved in divorce and family law matters. With years of experience, a distinguished reputation and the support of a network of business and family law experts, we are more than capable of handling complex divorce and family law matters such as high-value property and asset division on behalf of high net worth clients. We offer individualized attention and dedicated service to each and every client. An accomplished lawyer will take charge of your case personally and keep you informed and involved in the process at every step.
Address : 155 West Main Street, Columbus, OH 43215
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Joseph & Joseph
The firm practices in the following areas: * Real Estate * Domestic and Family Law * Business and Civil Trial Practice * Corporate * Employment * Banking * Commercial law. Having come from a sophisticated large firm practice, along with the experience of sophisticated business transactions and litigation, Joseph & Joseph's Divorce, Domestic Relations, & Family Law section is a formidable presence in Ohio. The firm is experienced in the simplest dissolution to the tackling of the most complicated divorce and custody disputes.
Address : 155 West Main Street #200, Columbus, OH 43215
Phone : (614) 449-8282

Amy M. Levine & Associates
Professional. Intelligent. Committed to achieving the best legal outcomes. These are some of the ways our clients describe the law office of Amy M. Levine & Associates. We are a boutique law firm that provides quality bankruptcy, family law, and criminal defense representation for the residents of central Ohio and West Virginia. Attorney Amy Levine focuses our full legal attention on providing personal attention to each client, and helping clients make legal decisions that will meet their current and future needs. When you meet with us about your legal needs, we don't start by talking about quick-fix outcomes. We start by listening to your needs, explaining how the laws affect you, and helping you decide what outcomes will be right for you and your family. Practice areas: * Chapter 7 Bankruptcy * Chapter 13 Bankruptcy * Divorce and Family Law * Criminal Defense Law * Traffic Violation Defense * DUI, OVI, Drunk Driving Defense * Domestic Violence Law * Child Custody, Support, and Visitation * Divorce.
Address : 147 Thurman Avenue, Columbus, OH 43206
Phone : (614) 224-5291

The Law Offices of Virginia C. Cornwell
The Law Offices of Virginia C. Cornwell, Ohio Divorce Lawyers and Ohio Custody Attorneys , will work on your behalf to help with situations like these: * Abuse * Adoption * Alimony * Allocation of Parental Rights and Responsibilities * Annulment * Antenuptial agreements * Appeals * Bankruptcy * Children Services (representation of parents/family) * Child Support * Civil Protection Orders * Contempt * Custody * Dependency (dependent children) * Dissolution * Divorce * Enforcement * Father’s Rights * Guardian ad Litem * Grandparent's Rights * Interstate Child Support * Interstate Child Custody * Interstate Divorce * Interstate Jurisdiction (UCCJA, PKPA, UIFSA) * Jurisdiction * Juvenile * Legal Separation * Mother’s Rights * Name Change * Neglect * Never Married Parents * Parentage * Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act * Parenting Time * Paternity * Post-decree proceedings * Prenuptial Agreements * Restraining Orders * Separation Agreements * Separate Property * Shared Parenting (similar to joint custody) * Spousal Support * Stalking Protection Orders * Venue * Visitation * Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act * Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act * Uniform Interstate Family Support Act * Temporary Orders Affidavits * Temporary Order.
Address : 603 East Town Street, Columbus, OH 43215
Phone : (614) 225-9316

Paul R. Panico
Our law firm helps people in central Ohio who have legal needs involving family law, divorce and associated concerns. This is our primary focus as a firm and an area of the law that attorney Paul Panico has been practicing in for nearly 20 years. Put more simply: We know how to help people. What sets us apart is our firm belief that providing compassion without also providing an honest perspective is only providing sympathy. And while sympathy may feel good, it is not terribly helpful in the big picture. With an honest perspective and our attorney's ability to negotiate solutions with tact and skill and also to be aggressive and effective in the courtroom — you will be in a better position to make good decisions about your case.
Address : 2929 Kenny Road #160, Columbus, OH 43221
Phone : (614) 429-1945