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Divorce is difficult. As a woman, you fear what will happen to your children, and what will happen to you financially in the aftermath of divorce. You hope to resolve your situation while protecting your legal rights as a woman, mother, human being, and partner in marriage. At DAWN (Divorce Attorneys for Women), headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we can help you do just that. We have defended the legal rights of women for over 30 years, empowering them to realize that life can be different. Our firm is devoted to helping women in difficult circumstances and emotional turmoil as they reluctantly face divorce and the often-associated matters of division of assets, child custody and visitation, support, and domestic violence and abuse. We also help clients with post-judgment modifications involving support, custody, and other divorce-related issues.
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Johnsen & Wikander
At Johnsen & Wikander, our primary goal is to offer our clients experienced guidance, individual attention and results-oriented representation. We represent men and women in West Michigan facing divorce and other sensitive family law matters. Our firm takes a fresh and progressive approach to finding cost-effective solutions in each case. We have also earned a reputation for our tough litigation skills and for having a professional approach to trial advocacy. Our accomplished divorce and family law attorneys combine energy, curiosity, detailed knowledge and a personal investment in our clients' well-being to provide comprehensive solutions to complex matters involving: * Divorce cases, including division of property; alimony and spousal support; and the discovery and valuation of marital assets such as retirement accounts, investments, business interests and hidden assets * Child custody cases, including child support and visitation/parenting time matters, paternity, grandparent visitation and second-parent adoption. * Modification of divorce decrees/judgments and pre-nuptial and ante-nuptial agreements * Mediation and arbitration as methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) used instead of litigation.
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Shimmell Law Offices
Divorce can be an emotionally challenging event for any family. Whether you view your divorce as the end of a long struggle or the welcome beginning to a new chapter in your life, it is important to protect your rights. At the Shimmell Law Offices, family law attorney Dennis Shimmell has been guiding people through the divorce process since 1993. At the Shimmell Law Offices, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we focus on walking with people through the decisions associated with a divorce or family law issue. We will protect your rights, ensuring all terms of the divorce decree are fair and appropriate.
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Gordon & Shaw, PLC
When resolving family law disputes, gender shouldn't matter. Men and women should be treated fairly and equally. The fact is many men facing divorce and other family law matters feel the cards are stacked against them from the outset. At the law firm of Gordon & Shaw, PLC in Grand Rapids, Michigan, our lawyers protect the rights and interests of men. We provide experienced legal advice, strong advocacy and aggressive court representation for men who are preparing for divorce or dealing with other family law matters. We can help you understand your options and develop a legal strategy tailored to meet your ultimate goals.
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