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Jason Brown, founding partner with the Brown Law Offices, P.A., publishes the Minnesota divorce and family law blog.
Address : 11125 Zealand Avenue North, Champlin MN 55316
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Huson Law Firm
At Huson Law Firm, we understand that no one gets married planning on getting a divorce. Sometimes, however, getting a divorce is the only option that makes sense. When it comes to dealing with a divorce and other family issues, it may feel like your entire world is crumbling around you and that you are losing control of your family, your finances and your life. We are among the best of the best in Minnesota Family Attorneys.
Address : 2109 County Road D East, Suite C, Maplewood, MN 55109
Phone : (651) 328-8684

Katz, Manka, Teplinsky, Graves & Sobol, Ltd.
Celebrating fifty years of family practice, our attorneys strive to maintain the highest standard for divorce practice in Minnesota. We are known for compassionate, creative and adept handling of all family law matters - excelling at representing those with large complex estates as well of those of more modest means. Our expertise stems not only from our grasp and understanding of these complex and difficult issues, but from our thorough preparation and attention to detail. Our goal is always to aggressively protect the rights of all our clients.
Address : 225 South 6th Street #4150, Minneapolis, MN 55402
Phone : (612) 333-1671

Walling, Berg & Debele, P.A.
Founded in 1991, we have the experience needed to effectively represent our clients in a variety of family law matters. From divorce to adoption, we protect our clients' rights while looking out for the best interests of the children involved. Our firm works in a variety of family law practice areas, including: * Custody and third-party custody * Paternity * Parenting access * Adoption * Spousal maintenance * Relocation of a parent * Divorce * Division of marital assets * Domestic abuse and harassment * Juvenile delinquency * Estate planning and wills * Antenuptial, postnuptial, and co-habitation agreements * ARTS/Surrogacy agreements.
Address : 121 S 8 St, Minneapolis, MN 55402
Phone : (612) 326-3453

Gislason & Hunter LLP
Expertise, Common Sense, Integrity, Fairness and Hard Work: These are traits our clients value. We have built a thriving practice based on achieving our clients’ goals with expertise, integrity, and a healthy measure of common sense. We understand that there is no substitute for hard work or fairness. This is the way we work and the way our clients want things done. We understand that it is the best way to get results. Gislason & Hunter is a law firm dedicated to meeting the needs of businesses and individuals. We are a law firm that handles complex cases worth hundreds of millions of dollars, mediates settlements, and negotiates and drafts complex transactional documents. Practice areas: Agricultural * Alternative Dispute Resolution * Appellate Practice * Banking * Bankruptcy * Commercial * Construction * Corporate & Business * Criminal Defense * Employment * Environmental * Family Law & Divorce * Insurance * Litigation * Medical Malpractice * Personal Injury * Real Estate * Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning & Probate * Workers' Compensation.
Address : 701 Xenia Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55416
Phone : (763) 225-6000

Niemi, Jerabek & Kretchmer
The attorneys at Niemi, Jerabek & Kretchmer provide superior legal representation on all matters relating to family law, including dissolution, paternity, domestic abuse, appellate work, adoption, and juvenile proceedings. In addition, Andrea Niemi, through PACT for Families, provides Alternative Dispute Resolution Services including as a mediator, arbitrator, parenting consultant, parenting coach, parenting time expediter and consensual special magistrate.
Address : 510 Marquette Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55402
Phone : (612) 333-2400

Carole Megarry
Carole Megarry is a sole practice family law attorney with over twenty-five years experience. For the past eighteen years, she has limited her practice to family law. Most of her work is in the seven counties of the metropolitan Minneapolis area, that is, Hennepin, Ramsey, Dakota, Scott, Washington, Anoka and Carver. Her office is located in downtown Minneapolis two blocks from the Hennepin County Family Justice Center, which makes her appearances there convenient and cost effective. She has handled divorces involving marriages of over forty years duration, and others which lasted only a few months. Some of her clients have experienced domestic abuse. Many of her clients are people of modest means. Sometimes issues arise after the divorce is over. When necessary, Ms. Megarry brings contempt motions to compel a party to comply with the terms of a Judgment and Decree.
Address : 220 S 6th St # 2000, Minneapolis, MN 55402
Phone : (612) 347-9989