Top Ottawa Divorce Attorney

Lawrence Stephen Pascoe
Specific areas of practice: Family Law: I advise clients of their rights and obligations when they separate or are thinking of separating from their spouse. The major issues being custody and access, dividing their assets and support for the spouse and children. I also advise my clients about the many processes that may be used to resolve the issue of a separation and I represent them in the process they choose which may include going to mediation meetings or representing them in an arbitration or court hearing. Wills and Powers of Attorney: I advise clients on Estate Planning which involves drafting Wills, Powers of Attorneys and Trusts and provide advice on; how to ensure that on their death their assets go to the appropriate desired beneficiary; ensuring that the appropriate person or persons look after the estate; reducing problems and conflicts that may arise in administering the estate; minimizing the amount of payments the estate pays for taxes, costs and court (probate) fees; and inheritance. Administration of Estates: I advise the personal representative of an estate (executor) as to what is required to administer the estate and then, as directed by him or her, administer the estate, which might involve applying to the court for the Certificate of Appointment (probate), dealing with the assets, paying debts, and accounting to beneficiaries.
Address : 39 Robertson Road #300, Ottawa, ON K2H 8R2
Phone : (613) 828-2120

Daniels Law Firm
Angela Daniels has resided in Ottawa for over 20 years and is committed to offering personal, quality, affordable legal services to all of her clients. Areas of practice: Family law, wills & estates, immigration, civil litigation, and notary public.
Address : 1 Rideau St #732, Ottawa, ON K1N 8S7
Phone : (613) 867-6871

Martin Diegel
Martin handles a full range of Family Law matters including: Divorce and Separation *Child Custody *Access *Child Support *Spousal Support *Variation Applications *Pre-Nuptual Agreements * Cohabitation Agreements. Martin generally charges on an hourly basis for the above services. In litigation situations, he is prepared to prepare a litigation budget and revise it from time to time as circumstances change.
Address : 166 Clemow Avenue, Ottawa, ON K1S 3Z5
Phone : (613) 567-0235