Top Salem Divorce Attorney

Kevin C. Gage
I represent clients in all of the following areas of family law: Divorce, Separation, Custody & Visitation, Settlement of Marital Estates (Including Complex Property Issues), Child Support, Spousal Support (Alimony), Grandparents Rights, Interstate & International Issues, Modification of Support & Custody Orders, Domestic Partnerships, Rights of Unmarried Couples, and more.
Address : 348 Leslie Street Southeast, Salem, OR 97301
Phone : (503) 399-1355

Saucy & Saucy
Our firm focuses on complex matrimonial litigation cases. We have expertise in handling marital dissolution proceedings involving child custody, parenting time, division of property, complex tax aspects, and challenging legal issues.
Address : 475 Cottage Street NE #120, Salem, OR 97301
Phone : (503) 362-9330

Lori A. Jenkins
An attorney with an office in Salem, Oregon. She focuses her practice on: Divorce, Child Custody and Visitation (Parenting Time), Child Support, Spousal Support (Alimony), Modification of Support, Custody and Visitation, Property Division / Debts , and Adoptions (Step-Parent, Relative, and Newborn).
Address : 1265 Waller Street Southeast, Salem, OR 97302
Phone : (503) 363-5335

Michael A. Neal, P.C.
The Oregon law office of Michael A. Neal, P.C. provides comprehensive legal support in family law and personal bankruptcy matters. Family law services: Divorce, post divorce, and third party rights.
Address : 2709 12th Street Southeast, Salem, OR 97302
Phone : 503.361.7635

Robert E Nordyke
We have 40 years of experience and have represented clients in more than 10,000 divorce and family law cases. This Law Office Specializes in Only the Following Legal Matters: Simple and Uncontested Divorce, Contested & Complex Divorces, Child Custody Disputes, Child Support, Parenting Time/Visitation, Paternity, Domestic Partnerships, and more.
Address : 380 Madrona Avenue South, Salem, OR 97302
Phone : 503-399-9829