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Denmon Divorce Law Group - Tampa Divorce Attorneys
Choosing a Tampa divorce attorney is an important decision. The right family law attorney is absolutely imperative to guide you through your family law matter. Wether it's divorce, child custody, child support, child relocation or any other family law isssue. Our Tampa divorce law firm consists of family law attorney Christian Denmon and Tampa divorce lawyer Nicole Denmon. A husband and wife team, Nicole and Christian will help in getting you a successful resolution without the high costs and stress of typical family law cases. Call us today at (813) 365-3511 for a free no obligation consultation and case review.
Address :1560 West Cleveland Street, Tampa, FL 33606
Phone : (813) 365-3511

Baccarella & Baccarella, P.A.
Dominic and Donna Baccarella are seasoned professionals who have been active members of the Tampa Bay area legal community for many years. Their involvement and consistent efforts to excel in their field is evidenced by their credentials. Practice Areas: Divorce; Criminal Law; Civil Litigation
Address : 4144 North Armenia Avenue #220, Tampa, FL 33607
Phone : (813) 348-9445

Caveda Law Firm, P.A.
If your Florida marriage is coming to an end, and you have questions about divorce, alimony, child support, and time-sharing (formerly known as child custody and visitation), the Caveda Law Firm, P.A. has the answers you need. We know that family law issues are highly personal and can be difficult to discuss. Many of our clients come to us confused and uncertain about what is going to happen next. With over 16 years of experience, our Tampa family lawyers knows how to work with you to address your present legal needs while preparing you for your future. We assist clients in the following areas of family law: * Divorce: Contested, Uncontested, Collaborative, Military * Alimony / Spousal Maintenance * Time-Sharing (Child Custody and Visitation) * Child Support * Department of Revenue Child Support Cases * Equitable Distribution * Family Law Appeals * Guardianship * Mediation * Parental Relocation * Paternity Issues * Prenuptial Agreements.
Address : 215 West Verne Street, Tampa, FL 33606
Phone : (813) 254-5455

Sparkman & Sparkman, P.A.
At Sparkman & Sparkman, P.A., we bring a personalized, fresh approach to resolve our clients' complex and contentious legal matters and provide an individualized analysis of your legal issue. Our family law practice services include divorce, child support, relocation, paternity, adoptions, and more.
Address : 313 South Bungalow Park Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33609
Phone : 813.314.0200

Catherine W. Real, P.A.
Our Firm practices family law exclusively. We are able to help clients with a number of diverse legal family law problems. We can offer you experienced representation in the following areas: Divorce, Post Divorce Modification, Domestic Violence Injunctions, Child Abduction Cases, Child Support, Custody and Visitation, Paternity Determinations, and Prenuptial Agreements and Postnuptial Agreements.
Address : 2110 West Platt Street, Tampa, FL 33606
Phone : (813) 251-6705

Givens Divorce Law Group
Marital and family law can require extra care and consideration because of the emotional aspects involved in dissolving marriages, child custody and property division. Our Tampa Family Law Attorneys at Givens Divorce Law Group have over 50 years of combined experience in all types of marital law and family law. When you are involved in a divorce, emotions and feelings can be deeply intertwined in every aspect of the case, and we fully understand these circumstances. We have dedicated our practice to supporting families. If you have a case involving any of the following areas, we can offer you experienced legal advice, support and representation: * Divorce * Child Custody * Child Support * Visitation * Property Rights * Property Division * Alimony * Permanent Alimony * Rehabilitative Alimony * Transitional Alimony * Recovery of Attorney’s Fees * Domestic Violence * Military Divorce * Mediation * Collaborative Divorce * Flat Fee Divorce * Modification of Child Support * Modification of Child Custody * Modification of Alimony * Grandparents’ Rights * Enforcement of Court Orders * Enforcement of Settlement Agreements * Contempt of Court * Relocation of Children.
Address : 201 North Franklin Street #1700, Tampa, FL 33602
Phone : (813) 251-6700

Rechel and Associates, P.A.
Rechel and Associates, P.A. was founded on February 1, 1992. Since that time the Firm has represented thousands of Tampa Bay area families in their family law disputes. The Firm practices exclusively in the area of divorce and family law. Mr. Rechel has extensive experience with over 18 years of service. The Firm members take pride in resolving our clients’ matters in a progressive, positive, and professional manner.
Address : 2913 Busch Lake Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33614
Phone : (813) 931-8111